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The group holds the 2020 annual strategic inquiry meeting
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The group holds the 2020 annual strategic inquiry meeting

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The group holds the 2020 annual strategic inquiry meeting

On December 12, Henglian Group’s 2020 annual strategic inquiry meeting was held at the headquarters of the group. The meeting studied and analyzed the macroeconomic situation in 2020 and the outlook for 2021. The company that has achieved contrarian development will introduce the experience, and the group’s expectations are not met. The company conducts strategic inquiries; Chairman Li Ruifeng summarized and commented on the economic operation of the group in 2020, and deployed key tasks for 2021. The meeting was chaired by Vice Chairman Zhang Yunsheng.

  The meeting believed that 2020 is an extraordinary year. Faced with the complex situation of the suspension of production and relocation, project construction, and epidemic prevention and control of the Hanting Industrial Park, all employees of the group work hard and always insist on "improving corporate efficiency and Focusing on “core competitiveness”, focusing on “scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and green development”, we will coordinate production and operation, epidemic prevention and control, and project construction. The quality of business operations has been steadily improved.

  The meeting pointed out that 2021 is the first year of the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan. The country will accelerate the establishment of a dual-cycle development pattern. With the effective control of the epidemic, both supply and demand will work together to support economic recovery, and China’s economy will continue to improve. Chinese enterprises are ushering in a rare period of development opportunities, but at the same time they are facing new problems and challenges. The meeting required all companies to take the initiative to meet challenges, seize development opportunities, increase technological innovation, talent training, project management, production and operation, and continue to enhance their core competitiveness to ensure that their development reaches a new level.

  1. Deepen the park construction and improve the quality of development

  In 2021, the parks will continue to strengthen technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and green development around the group's development priorities, accelerate the group's strategic transformation, and lay the foundation for optimizing the industrial structure and improving the quality of development. Companies must seize development opportunities, continue to strengthen basic management, increase investment in innovation, optimize product structure, and strive to improve development quality.

  2. Implement the "Five Modernizations" and enhance development momentum

The construction of "Five Modernizations" is an important measure to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the group and improve the quality of development. In 2021, all companies should focus on promoting the "five modernizations" in light of their actual conditions, strengthen implementation, and focus on actual results.

  3. Improve the financing system and optimize the capital structure

  The meeting required relevant units to seize the opportunity of financial market reform, fully promote and complete the listing of enterprises, and continue to optimize the capital structure; make full use of the state's policies to support the development of the real economy, continuously improve the financing system, adjust and optimize the financing structure, and ensure the healthy development of enterprises.

  4. Persist in technological innovation and expand development space

  Technological innovation will become the most critical variable for the future development of enterprises. Technological progress will greatly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, stimulate market vitality, and enable enterprises to maintain their unique competitive advantages in fierce competition. In 2021, the Group will place technological innovation at a more core position, continue to improve the technological innovation platform, increase R&D investment, strengthen intellectual property protection, and actively create new advantages for the future development of the company.

  5. Deeply tap the internal potential and improve economic benefits

  The meeting requires companies to continue to promote efficiency and consumption reduction, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs; continue to strengthen domestic and foreign market expansion, actively participate in the restructuring of the industrial chain, and seize business development opportunities; attach great importance to basic management such as 6S management and safety management , The focus is on implementation, making a fuss, and persevering.

  6. Strengthen talent management and build a solid foundation for development

Talent is the foundation of a strong company. Whoever owns talents will have a new engine for future development. Companies should increase their sense of urgency, aim to “consolidate the core, stabilize the backbone, and inspire all”, take multiple measures simultaneously, continue to strengthen talent management and training, and help enterprises to transform and develop, and innovate and develop.

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